Your Kampf Miscellaneous oppo A15s Smartphone With Big Screen, Fingerprint Sensor & octa-core Processor

oppo A15s Smartphone With Big Screen, Fingerprint Sensor & octa-core Processor

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The Oppo A15s camera may be the standout feature of the smartphone. The rear camera is relatively small – not large enough to take clear pictures but large enough to deliver good quality video. With a 16 megapixel camera, the front and back cameras are also quite competent. The OPPO Auctions smartphone runs on a quad-core processor – which may explain the low battery life – though it should be noted that the device can support up to two additional generations of A series processors.

Like many modern smartphones, the Oppo A15s also has a facial recognition feature called the “face unlock.” With this feature, the front or back cameras of the smartphone can be operated simply by scanning the users’ faces. Apart from this, the A series also features high resolution screen that is capable of viewing HD images, though color accuracy is substandard.