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Barriers to medical software development

Developing medical software is not an easy task. Medical software is considered to represent one of the most complicated software development methodologies, as the steps to follow take longer than normal and the number of users participating in the software can greatly affect the outcome of the evolution of a patient. This is the article where we are going to briefly talk about some of the main barriers that one may encounter during the long process of medical software development.
First of all, the main problem found in medical software development is that, in general, the process can slow down doctors, for a variety of reasons: the software as a whole is not in the dictionary of doctors, since who is used to working primarily with people. and to a lesser extent with technology. Furthermore, the simple physician does not want to learn, considering that the software does not represent a reliable alternative to good old medicine. In the same way, since personal computers have the ability to capture and store much more information in less time, some clinicians are trying to get used to introducing software into their own practice. In return, slowing down a doctor will result in fewer patients showing up in his office, and this later equates to less revenue for the doctor. In this way, most doctors prefer not to choose an expensive medical software platform, which they believe will later lose them a great deal of money.
There are various models of software development, however, if one is not willing to learn, they also become useless. Another big barrier that arises in the line of software development is that the doctor himself is primarily the center of the medical union, especially in the United States of America. If the doctor thinks he is fine without the use of medical software, then there is not much he can do or say to change his mind.
A final barrier in this development is the lack of information. Information is synonymous with energy these days and energy comes at a cost. Most doctors are not even willing to hear about medical software, as they believe that they cannot trust a program to do the work they have been doing without problems for years. However, efforts are being made to implement medical software in all private practices, especially when it comes to patient evidence, so this is a good step towards technology.